As many of you know, I've stepped into the political world. We preach and discuss doing what's right because it's right and putting our selves in harms way to do right for others and I'm taking that lead. It's time for me to get off the bus.

Now, to my unbelief, I now have to raise about $200,000.00 to run my campaign. I'm putting up a lot myself but really need as much help as possible. I not only want to raise money for the campaign but I want to keep the fund raising going after I get into office so that I can campaign for the laws/bills that will help our community and our state. I will keep everyone up to date with what is going on at the legislature and I'll also conduct monthly meetings to discuss state legislation and get your opinions and thoughts on what needs to change and be done.

It's time to take our state back from the liberal Democrats and do nothing RINOs.

Anyone or company who can be a sponsor please email me separately with your info and I'll get a banner made, which we'll hang at the event and some future events. Any sponsor and smaller donor please send any donations via check to my home address. Just make checks out to Jeremy Absher.

Love you guys and I greatly appreciate all the support!! It's time to take our state back!