A Sheepdog Society member (AKA Jeremy Johnson) got to speak at the CCSD board meeting June 17th. The full speech is in the text below as part of the speech was cut due to the 3 minute time limit.

"First off I just want to thank you all for your service to our community. Serving others is a truly selfless act to perform. I would also like to share my bitter disappointment for your lack of concern and knowledge of DEI/SEL and the horrific history behind this theology.

I represent a large group of Cherokee County men, The Sheepdog Society, which I’m sure you know of us since we have been slandered in front of this board in past meetings. I speak today on behalf of that group and all the concerned citizen and parents I know.

We all love, encourage, and strive for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. BUT, we do not and will not support the violation of other’s basic human rights to implement a racist, divisive theoretical ideology. All students, in a school setting, must have the same rights and privileges as any other student. Our greatness as a people was created and promoted by the simple fact that anyone of any race, sex, or gender can rise to any position that their abilities, effort, and sacrifice will take them. We have proven this throughout our history. We live in the greatest country in the world where everyone has equal opportunity and better yet we help lift up those less fortunate. For example here is a list of people who rose to greatness from very little: President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, Statesman and abolitionist Fredrick Douglas, SCOTUS Sonia Sotomayor, Secretary of Hud Ben Carson, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Richard Branson, countless politicians, movie stars, artists, authors, music artists, business owners, including countless black and minority billionaires and millionaires in the US: Kanye West, Robert Smith, David Steward, Dr. Dre, Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan, P Diddy, Jay Z, Sheila Johnson, Pakistani immigrant Shahid Khan, Jewish descendent Ralph Lauren, Ukrainian immigrant Jan Koum, CEO of Xerox Ursula Burns a single mother from the housing projects of NY, and many others.

We live and thrive in the most successful country and society on the planet where anyone of any race, religion, social standing, or gender, can rise above all their obstacles with the basic principles that DEI/SEL attempts to remove. We are entitled, entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, nothing more. And those rights are derived by our creator not our government. Every individual mentioned knew this. So, we must teach our children to work hard, not to blame others for their shortcomings, be responsible for their own actions, never take credit for other’s successes, not to envy others, encourage and celebrate other’s accomplishments, and you can and will thrive in our country.

Our country is the most diverse on the planet and we have the most successful immigrants of any nation in existence. All citizens in our country have the same God given rights, protected by our government. We must teach our children to cherish and protect those right for all and to never sacrifice those rights. So that all children work to make their dreams come true… and in our country, they can come true… regardless of the handicaps and labels used by DEI/SEL.

Now if you want to try to fix something, fix the failing cultures of inner cities, inner city schools, failed communities, morally bankrupt societies, drug addicted cities & rural areas, and the social fixation of blame/shame/envy. Teach ethics, morality, and faith in something greater than one’s self. The fixation on self is what is creating a society of suicide, shame, blame, guilt, and failure.

In closing: To any parent in this board meeting or listening to this remotely, you should all support school choice. With school choice you can all choose to send your child to a school with or without DEI/SEL, CRT, The 1619 project or the 1776 Project. School choice is the answer to all your questions. Parents should have the choice and not be forced to include or exclude this and any other social teaching, religion, or political outlook. School Choice is the Solution!

We hope that you, the board, all reconsider the implementation of the DEI & SEL teachings in our schools, as it is one and the same as CRT. CRT treats all kids differently based on race, sex, gender, etc. This is a violation of the 1964 civil right act, it’s what many have fought and bleed to defeat, it is regression in every form, and it will mentally harm all kids of all races, sexes, and genders.

If this policy is not rescinded/changed/abolished, we will fight until it is no more and we will work diligently to remove every last board member, superintendent, and cabinet members, who allows this. We will fight to ensure that all children are all treated equally! And that they all have an equal opportunity in our schools."