Please come out and stand with us to show united support at the CCSD school board meeting. Help us stand against the Marxist ideology/theology of DEI/SEL and CRT that is being forced into our school system and onto our children. Thursday May 20th at 6pm. Get there early and sign in to speak.

Please take the time to watch a few of these videos and educate yourselves. We can't take on this fight blindly and we definitely can't sit back allow this to take hold in our public schools. DEI/SEL ARE CRT! Banning CRT did nothing. It's just terminology. We must get the ideology/theology banned from any curriculum!

“We all love, encourage, and strive for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. BUT,  we do not and will not promote the violation of others basic human rights to achieve it. All children, in a school setting, have the same rights and privileges as any other students. Our greatness as a people was created and promoted by the simple fact that anyone of any race, sex, or gender can rise to any position that their abilities, effort, and sacrifice will take them. We have proven this throughout our history. For example: President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, Statesman and abolitionist Fredrick Douglas, SCOTUS Sonia Sotomayor, Secretary of Hud Ben Carson, and yes, Mark Robinson.... and countless politician, movie stars, athletes, artists, authors, musicians, business owners... countless Americans, immigrants, minorities, and lower class who rose from nothing to become millionaires and billionaires in the US (Kanye West, Robert Smith, David Steward, Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan, P Diddy, Jay Z, Sheila Johnson, Dr. Dre, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Richard Branson, Pakistani immigrant Shahid Khan, Ralph Lauren, Ukrainian immigrant Jan Koum, Ursula Burns the CEO of Xerox a single mother from the housing projects of NY, and many, many others. We live and thrive in the most successful country and society on the planet where anyone of any race, religion, social standing, or gender can rise above all their obstacles with the basic principles that DEI/SEL attempt to destroy. We are entitled, entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, nothing more. Every individual mentioned knew this and thrived despite any handicap society would say they had. So, work hard, don’t blame others, be responsible for your own actions, never take credit for others successes, don’t envy others for their success, encourage and celebrate the successes of all. All people are created equal and all people make their own choices. All people can choose to do as much or as little, with what they have. Thank GOD we live in a country where we all have the choice and opportunity to be all we can be.”

"Now if you want to fix something, fix the failing culture of inner cities, inner city schools, failed communities, moral bankrupt societies, drug addicted city/rural areas, and the social fixation of blame/shame/envy.... that were all created by ideologies like CRT that promotes, envy, blame, shame, divide, and hate. Teach ethics, morality, and faith in something greater than one’s self.”

DEI Example: It's like 3 kids running a race. The first kid trains very hard and prepares for the race. That kid is a true track star. The second kid trains some but only about half of the time required. He isn't gifted in track and doesn't put forth much effort to be better. The 3rd kid trains very little, maybe 10%. He isn't really interested in track at all but always wanted to be part of the track team and felt excluded. So just before the race begins the officiating crew prepares the kids at their starting position. The first kid is lined up at the starting line, 100% of the distance. The second kid is lined up half way around the track, 50% of the distance. The third kid is lined up 9/10th around the track, 90% of the distance. The race starts and all the kids finish at the exact same moment. Imagine being the first kid and imagine what this creates, hate, drive deterioration , envy, disappointment, discouragement, and encouragement not to put forth any effort to be the better or the best. Because why, when everyone finishes the same..??

Media and politicians promote and encourage the indoctrination and divide of DEI/SEL/CRT. They push this agenda and political action to keep us separate, divided, and hating each other. Don't allow the propaganda to mold your way of thinking. Question everything! Support what is right and good! Teach other to love and respect. Don't let government get in the way of unity! We are all part of the human race and don't let MLK's famous words be degraded "Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character".

Please watch/read a few of these to help better understand DEI/SEL/CRT

Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It
No longer simply an academic matter, critical race theory has become a tool of political power. To borrow a phrase from the Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci, it is fast achieving “cultural hegemony” in America’s public institutions. More and more, it is driving the vast machinery of the state an…
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