Every school teacher, administrator, and parent should read this factual book from Thomas Sowell. This should help you all see the successes of Charter Schools and the failures of the public school system.

I just finished up Charter Schools and Their Enemies today. This a phenomenal book that gives undebatable facts on the successes based on numerous studies of Charter Schools and how the Democrat establishment, along with the teachers union, have attacked them for years and are doing their best to kill Charter Schools.

Charter Schools and Their Enemies
A leading conservative intellectual defends charter schools against the teachers’ unions, politicians, and liberal educators who threaten to dismantle their success.

The history of the successes of Charter School are the biggest threat to the public education system. Kids are all races and backgrounds are more successful in a charter and less successful in a public school. Most people don't know but Democrats have passed legislation to stop the charter school growth and to hinder their success in every way.

Apparently almost anyone can do a better job of educating children than our so-called 'educators' in the public schools. Children who are home-schooled by their parents also score higher on tests than children educated in the public schools. ... Successful education shows what is possible, whether in charter schools, private schools, military schools or home-schooling. The challenge is to provide more escape hatches from failing public schools, not only to help those students who escape, but also to force these institutions to get their act together before losing more students and jobs. - Thomas Sowell