The School Board approved the appointment of CCSD’s first administrator focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)(also know as Critical Race Theory & Intersectionality). Cecelia Lewis, who currently serves as a Principal in Maryland, will join CCSD this summer as an administrator on special assignment for student services.  She will focus both on DEI and Social and Emotional Learning, two newer initiatives for CCSD.  The decision to name a staff member to address DEI issues stems from input from parents, employees and students of color who are serving on Dr. Hightower’s ad hoc committees formed this school year to focus on the topic.

We must fight against CRT and DEI and let our school board and superintendent know that we will not allow this to be taught in our public schools. Please watch the videos below. Voddie explains CRT and the dangers of CRT very well.

Dr. Voddie Baucham explains critical race theory in a nutshell. With the rise of social justice, critical race theory and all the anti-God ideals; it is critical to understand how and why for Christians to fight these ideals with the Word of God. Visit Voddie Baucham's website: