Motto:  Do what is right because it is right.
Mission statement:  A brotherhood of like-minded young men rooted in honorable Christian values, moral codes, and an inherent drive to be prepared in all aspects of life, to defend our faith, our family, ourselves, and anyone in need.  Our mission is educating, communicating, and demonstrating faith through leadership and fellowship with boldness, authority, strength, and grace.

  1. Strengthen thy body and sharpen thy mind
    a. Physically and mentally
  2. Pursue selflessness
    a. Help anyone in need
  3. Respect authority
    a. Authority cannot command what God forbids and forbid what God commands
  4. Humble confidence
    a. Be a leader and a student. Confidence to teach & lead, humility to listen and learn.
  5. Living with Integrity
    a. Being honest and having strong moral principles
  6. Always put God first
    a. Demonstrating love through obedience.

Pledge: “I hereby pledge to act today and for the next 12 weeks to perform each task listed above to the best of my ability. I make this commitment because I have the responsibility to ensure that my generation becomes the next chapter of Sheepdogs, intellectually and physically, by always doing my best to do the right thing.