Congratulations too ALL participants at the CCSD board meeting Thursday May 20th. Your voices were definitely heard. Stand up for what is right for our children and don't let the administration intermediate or shame you into silent submission. Keep fighting for what is right for ALL. CCSD (Hightower) has signed a resolution to ban CRT and 1619 project...great but we also have to push to ban DEI and SEL. DEI and SEL include CRT ideology and teachings.  

I would encourage you all to read Thomas Sowell's book Black Rednecks and White Liberals. It holds tons of historical information about diversity, equity, and inclusion.. including school systems. 

We all want Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion BUT we do not want diversity that includes or excludes individuals based on any physical distinction (race, sex, gender), we do not want equity without equality of effort/ability/talent, we do not want inclusion of what deteriorates character or morality. We can not sit by and let policies indoctrinator our children. We must fight to take back our school system for the good of all children of any race, sex, back ground, or social standing. The beauty about a public school is that ALL kids are treated exactly the same despite their differences. Teaching kids to treat others different based on their appearance is what millions have found against for many years all over the world. DEI/SEL/CRT is regression, not progression. Schools must get back to teaching and stop indoctrinating.

Don't let the CCSD staff bully or shame you into silent submission. Keep fighting for what is right. We will keep pushing until every student of CCSD is treated EQUALLY despite any difference they may or may not have.

The principle of sowing and reaping is undermined when failure is rationalized and we don't teach our kids to rise above their challenges. Names like CRT, DEI, SEL are not important, the philosophy behind those names is devastating to learning, growth, and success.
I grew up on a small farm, most of life's important lessons were learned on that farm. All of us have a "field" to plow - our life. We all have "plows" that are unique to us - our capacity. There is no doubt the "location" of our field is not all the same - our environment. Some locations are in harder climates and have rockier soil than others. Some fields take more work to produce a crop because the field is harder to work or the plow is not as sharp. It could be the harvest is lacking because of a decision to relax in the shade instead of plow and tend the field is made.
Regardless of how much success is due to the field, the plow, or the work ethic of the farmer, the answer is not to harm a better field or dull a sharper plow to re-define success for those in harsher fields, duller plows, or who decide to not work hard.
I believe our capacity for learning and growth does not depend on skin color, but there is no denying that the environment for learning and growth is not the same for everyone. If educators really want to help students who live in environments where schools are failing then support school vouchers that give parents a choice to take their kids out of a school that has failed them and place them in a school they believe will help their child to reach his/her capacity and achieve the best chance of success.