Mark Robinson is a true inspiration for ANY man of ANY color, social standing, or background. He is living proof that anyone can make a difference and he is a great man of faith. "God put me in that position, and I truly believe this, that he sees the rights that he has given us threatened. He is raising up a regiment of people to protect those rights and I was one of those people" Mark Robinson.

We can all be one of those people that God is raising up and putting in that position! Don't be shamed in to silent submission! Stand up for what is right!

Mark is a great man of integrity who speaks truth about faith, government, and race. All Christians must unite behind great voices like Mark's who speaks liberty and biblical truths... and who isn't afraid to speak out against the wrong and evil in our country.

"The goal of some individuals in government is to not hear the voices of black Americans at all. It's to hear the voices that fit their narratives." Mark Robinson

Speaking out for what is right because it's right!