Good morning Sheepdogs! This is a great video to help remind us to control our emotions and use our head in the fight. We must handle the negative and evil with our heads our minds and not our emotions. Evil wants to manipulate our "feelings" and the drive our emotions to keep us from doing the right things. The devil is not fighting you over your feelings. He is fighting you over your head. Your leadership has to come from facts not your feelings.

Most people are living their lives from a heart place and not a head place. They are so engrossed by what the heart feels that they have not covered what the head thinks. Most people are governed by their emotions. They are having a heart experience in a head fight. You will never win a battle if you are having a heart experience in a head fight. You telling the enemy how you feel has nothing to do with what you know and if you are going to deal with a fight with feelings, you have to approach a fight with facts!

  1. Resist the tendency to live an isolated life
  2. Get over those who disappoint you
  3. Lift up and encourage those who have failed
  4. Let the Lord handle your critics
  5. Stay fully focused on the Lord Jesus Christ