Don't waste the things you do in life. Meaning, do all the things you do with all God's gifts he gave you. "go into the unknown" and live to make yourself the best man God created you to be. Find yourself, alone, with discipline and desire. In doing this you will find yourself and be able to help others find themselves and help others, help others. You will become an overwhelming force for good and let the errors made along the way, wash out in the works. Pursue what God directs you to pursue and with God all things are possible.

"Everything there is, is right where you are"

Maybe you fix the world by cleaning up your room, by fixing your house, yourself from within. How you would like your life to be and treating yourself how you would treat others you care about and treat yourself like your a sense of value.

"When you are doing self destruction things, your friends shouldn't be there to cheer you on."

Starting with little, is starting with possibility.

We know what's wrong with life, so what makes the journey worth while? Well, you can ask yourself that and ask yourself what should I obtain and when you ask yourself that, you will find an answer, the door will open. You will think, there is no way I can do that, you don't know what you can do and what is possible, God only knows what you can do and you have to sacrifice what you love most for that. God only knows to what degree that you are in love with the worst of you.

Through Christ, we are made whole inside ourselves. Christ gives us the ability to see his glory in all the deceived tragedy in life. Through God, all things are possible.