We will meet tonight in the barn at 7pm as usual. Anyone who wants to lift weights, show up at 6pm. See you guys tonight!

Devotional - North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church

I must keep going... This is a powerful motivational video that reminds us that we MUST keep going in life despite our suffrage, despite our challenges, despite our faults, despite our pride, and despite our weakness. Read your bible. Read educational and motivational, joyful books. Take care of your body and your mind. We have every opportunity to do and be anything we can imagine. Use Gods gifts and multiply the master's gold within you. Change how you think. Change how you work. Change how you love, how you give, how you show compassion, how you love yourself, and how you spread joy with your talents. It starts with you... your body, your mind, your emotion, your FAITH! LEAD... by example! Practice what you preach!

Don't let life turn you into a "sadclown". Find your purpose and your gifts that God demands that you multiply and multiply them. You can't help others without helping yourself. You can't give without owning something. You can't physically help without being physically able. You can't financially help without being financially stable. You can't intellectually and mentally help without being mentally strong and intelligent. You can't love someone without loving yourself.

Now, smile and show joy. It is the most contagious thing you can do. Then use it to spread what is right and good in our world.

Rule #1: It all starts with you! Do what's right because it's right!