We will not be meeting the next two week for Christmas vacation. I'm available via phone if anyone needs me. We will pick back up meeting in person Monday, January 3rd. Anyone who would like to lead a discuss please contact me.

In this video, Jordan Peterson touches on some very personal circumstances about fatherhood. I've had several discussions lately about being a father and the challenges our kids are facing in today's society and school system. As fathers we must talk with our kids. We must discuss sex, women, hormones, and fatherhood with them or someone else will or they already have. We must be an encouraging and courageous father but also judging and expect the best from our kids... without getting too deep into judgement. We cannot repeat the sayings of societal norms of "you are perfect the way you are" or "good things come to those who wait" or "that's not for everyone". Our kids can and will do anything we make them believe they can do. They can cure cancer. They can make a flying car. They can fly to Mars. They can make wireless electricity. I honestly believe in my heart that my boys can and will change the world. I'm not sure how but they can, and I push them to read and study about it and to have the drive and mental strength to do it.

We must not be easily pleased. Our kids must live through adversity as to be able to overcome it later in life. We must push our kids to be warriors mentally and physically (judging the best they can best, not the best anther kid is). We must expect better from our kids BUT we must always let them know WE ARE ON THEIR SIDE! We have their backs! We love them as Christ loved us. We can't let our kids waste their lives with video games, TV shows, eating junk, talking on the phone.... We have to push and enforce reading, music, sports...

Having children is that first forced step to living selfless. After kids come, we no longer live for ourselves, stay married for ourselves, or work for ourselves. We have created our first fruits and God will know us from our fruits. Fruits are not just kids or good works, but kids are the start, and we must give our kids all the good things God blessed us with and remove all the bad. But that doesn't mean removing adversity or suffrage. That means creating a spiritually and mentally strong kids (adult) that will overcome and thrive in that adversity or suffrage.

Be the hero in your kid's life. Be the hero of your own story. Be the man your kids think you are. Stand for what is right and good and always do what's right because it's right. Don't be replaced by a pro athlete or a superhero on TV. You be the hero.

We pray to our father in heaven for strength, knowledge, boldness, and forgiveness. Be that father for your kids on earth. Fatherhood is to be Christlike.