See you guys Monday Evening August 2 in the barn at 7pm. We will discuss Authority and Romans 13.

God is the source of all human authority. Submitting to authority is submitting to God. But, Authority can't command what God forbids and forbid what God commands.

Understand how you, a lesser magistrate, can stand against an ungodly authority. You can stand and you can change the world. It only takes one person!

Read The Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrates to help better understand how.

It's time to stand for what you really believe and live for your faith, family, and country. Live and act for what is right. Educate yourself to know what is right.

Voddie gives step by step how we are to submit and defy authority.

"We must understand the principals of submission before saying no or rebelling against authority"

Very Powerful and Informative! This video from KrisAnne Hall and JC Hall is a very powerful video by that spells out very basic constitution individual rights about politics and religion and how important it is to have them combined and how they are one and the same and we must get involved.

KrisAnne speaks to all the things that have happened the past 2 years. It's a must listen.

"The lamp of liberty must not be allowed to go out. We must not bow to tyranny"