We will be meeting tonight at 7pm for our Ping Pong Discussion. Come out and have a beer with your brothers and join in on a great discussion with some great guys.  We'll talk about what's going on in the world and how to face it as a manly Christian man.

"RED BLOOD FIGHTER" | Buddy Brown | Truck Sessions - YouTube

In this video, Buddy Brown gives a great (redneckish) definition on why we should never apologize for being a man. This video reflects and furthers our discussion from last week on Why Men Don't Attend Church. Society and some of our local churches included, don't encourage the growth of a manly Christlike man. The men of the bible were brash, confrontational, bold, outspoken, and adventuresome. They stood, fought, bled, and died for what was right. They did what was right because it was right. Moses, Joshua, David, Job, Daniel, Paul, James, Peter, and above all Christ, confronted wrong and spoke and acted physically and intellectually with precision to defend what was right.

Now, for all you guys who have 48 minutes, watch Doug Wilson give in detail just how manly, confrontational, bold, and outspoken Christ was. He not only didn't back down, we sought out confrontation and provoked it. He called names, he publicly humiliated, he shamed, and he was violent in his actions when necessary. Now, although Christ was, is, the pure definition of love, compassion, and caring, he portrayed this love with brutal honesty and authority. We as men are called to be Christ like with our love and authority. So, take a step back and just think about our actions. Are we men or Christ or not? Are we toxic people or are we masculine men of Christ? Do we stand boldly for what is right and train ourselves intellectually to know what is right? For me, it's a personal struggle every day. I question my own actions daily and if I have doubt, I turn to the word of God and the morality given to me by that word.

On the day of the Sabbath, Palm Sunday, Christ comes into the city and heals people and then, despite the utter disapproval from the Jewish religious leaders, Pharisees and Sanhedrin, Christ then went into the temple and angerly and violently flipped tables and cleared and 30-acre temple because of money changers in the temple, while being watched and cheered on "Hosanna, Hosanna".

Now, to continue our discussion last week, how many "churches" of today exchange money in the church? How many stand up in front of the body of Christ and ask for money and use the bible to justify it? Why? Is this biblical? Is this what angered Christ? A church building and leaders absolutely need funding to maintain a building for the congregation and gathering of God's people. They need to "keep the lights on". So, they need our help to cover that burden. They also need manly men of the bible to flip those tables and point out what is wrong...  So, why do church leaders use the word of God to justify tithing, giving money, buying things in the church building?? Is this not what angered Christ?

"When we turn a blind eye or deaf ear to what is falsely represented as "Truth" then we are not only unbiblical, we are unchristlike."

Holy Week-Monday Table Flipping |

"It is written, he said to them, my house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers."