Jordan Peter gives a great perspective on how to be someone extraordinary in the world. We all focus on the wrongs things: being happy, having stuff, someone loving us, being appreciated, and doing what we think we should be doing. In this video Jordan tells a story of a young waiter who graduated with a college degree but resents his job because it's not what he had in mind. He took Jordan's advice and stopped being resentful. He worked to the best of his ability and put positive action into his work. This catapulted him to 3 promotions in 6 months. | Be Grateful in Everything |

Don't be resentful at work or at school or in a relationship because someone isn't "pulling their weight". You pull it! See what happens. You will become indispensable instantly! You'll know everything and maybe that job or relationship won't be for you but you'll take that wisdom you acquired and grow from there.

You don't know what's possible, what you are capable of, until you sacrifice everything.

One of the things that maintains Abraham's covenant with God is his continual willingness to sacrifice. The sacrificial issue is so important because you are not committed to something unless you are willing to sacrifice for it. Commitment and sacrifice are the same things.

7 Practical Lessons to Stay Committed to Your Dreams (Stop Thinking, Start  Doing) – Kingpin Lifestyle

Plan a future that is perfect. Find joy when it is not what you planned but always strive for that perfection. Let others benefit from your dedication and sacrifice. God gives us all gifts to use to prosper, grow, and spread his word and to share his gifts he gives us with others. Don't be resentful. Don't be immature and don't let others take advantage of you to a degree that makes you resent them. Living a life without resentment is a great goal!

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