In preparing for Wayne Morrow to speak tonight, watch this 30 minute video about America history and a quick overview of our constitution rights and history. The video gives a great interpretation of American Government from it's founded. There is a great example of the types of government, which ours is a Republic.

Our country is the offspring of a religious based heritage of liberty under law blessed with great natural resources and a pioneer people given to Industry and moral discipline. Our nation grew to be strong and prosperous and developed the finest governmental system ever devised by man. America soon became known as the refuge of the world's tired hungry and poor. Millions left everything in the old world to start over in a land that rewarded initiative and hard work and perseverance. The many millions who didn't come here found comfort and hope and knowing that indeed there was such a bastion of freedom and opportunity. A place where dreams could become reality. Today our nation appears wealthier and more powerful than ever. New technologies have revolutionized our daily lives. Luxuries once enjoyed only by the rich are commonplace and very affordable home ownership is widespread and our people have the expectation of continued economic growth and prosperity.

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When our founding fathers decided they'd had enough of British oppression, they
broke away and declared independence. They stated as self-evident truth in the
Declaration of Independence that men are endowed by their creator with certain
unalienable rights. In other words, God gave man his rights and that among them
are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and in the very next sentence
the founders define the proper role of government when they stated that to
secure these rights governments are instituted. This is the entire
philosophical base of our nation. Here the government cannot legitimately
redistribute the wealth assumed power over the people's lives and dominate
man's existence with oppressive taxation regulations and controls.

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When Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was asked
by a woman "sir what have you given us" his immediate response was "a republic
ma'am if you can keep it".

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