Mark your calendars. Phillip Bartolacci will lead a USCCA basic handgun safety class in the barn this Monday, November 1st, at 7pm. Please arrive at 6:30. The class is free of charge but we will take up donations to purchase bibles and F3 Freed to Lead books to distribute.

Phillip Bartolacci, Regional Field Training Specialist for the Southeast with Delta Defense | USCCA, is a Certified Instructor and Training Counselor with the USCCA as well as a 45+ year student of unarmed fighting arts and a master instructor.   His favorite verse is Hebrews 12:11:   No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Sheepdogs can bring UNLOADED and cleared handguns (either in a case, range bag or holster, we will conduct a safety check of each firearm), and be prepared to work on key aspects of rapid sight acquisition as well as foundational skills for armed self-defense based on what your body does naturally.

We’ll cover two key aspects of using a handgun in self-defense.

First, we’ll have a very visual overview of what we call the building blocks or the fundamentals for accurate and safe shooting.  We will also explain the differences between the skills required for being a good ‘marksman’ at the range and the skills that might be required to save your life if you are ever the subject of a violent attack.

Secondly, we will explain what physical and mental reactions may occur when a human undergoes extreme stress, such as during an incident involving deadly force.  We also explain what you should do immediately after using force to defend yourself, including what to do when law enforcement arrives.  It is crucial that you conduct yourself in the correct manner and prepare yourself for the consequences, even when you are in the right.