Just like a sheepdog overlooking the flock, vision is important, this isn’t a revelation. Without natural vision we are unable to witness all the splendor of God’s handy work. It’s not a coincidence that Jesus heals many struggling with blindness. But vision when it pertains to leading, this is of much higher importance.

Brian Houston writes this in his book Live Love Lead, “I believe that whatever it is God has entrusted into your hand—your family, your career, your ministry—don't count it as insignificant and don't approach it with a lack of vision.”

So, vision is important not only to what you are doing in your church but in your whole life. We all need vision, not only to do something but hopefully to do the things that God has in-store for our lives. It is said that vision without action is just a dream, but action without vision is a nightmare. There is the tension, the two need each other. Vision needs action for it to be out worked and action needs vision to create alignment. Vision, for a leader, is the roadmap to lead a team, ministry or church. That being said, we should all strive to be leaders that are consumed with vision.

Bold Leaders are consumed with vision. We need to be filled with vision, so laden with it that it’s impossible not to pour it out over those you are around... Not only vision for your own life but the vision of your church, your house. But vision without action remains just a dream. We need to put action to our vision in order to see it become a reality!

So how do we become consumed by the God given vision in our hearts?

Firstly, we need to align our vision with God’s vision. Caleb saw things from God’s perspective. You can only be consumed by a vision you can clearly see.

Secondly, we need to commit to a cause greater than ourselves. It is only when we commit to a cause greater than ourselves - cause of Jesus Christ and his kingdom - that we can become consumed by God’s vision for our lives.

Finally, being consumed with vision also requires great tenacity, the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly. Tenacity is the kind of quality that keeps you on track no matter what the obstacle. Despite all the obstacles, the setbacks and the excuses that could have been made, Caleb pressed forward and stayed committed to the path God had chosen for him.

When we are consumed with God’s vision for our lives and for what we are a part of, we find a capacity, a youthfulness, a strength and a vigor for life that only can come from God! In Joshua 14 we find Caleb asking for the land that was promised to him 45 years earlier! Here is a man so consumed with vision that he was ready to take land and fight battles at 85 years of age! This man meant business, he knew the vision for Israel and his family and wasn’t going to let a little thing like large fortified cities stand in his way. And sure enough, he persevered and received the promise of God over his life.


What part does the team you are on or lead play in that vision?

What is the one thing that you can learn from Caleb about vision? How will you implement that in your own life?


God I thank you for the calling you have placed on my life, I thank you for the vision of my church. Today, help me to align better with that vision and carry it to the people around me. I pray that my actions serve Your vision and that my words resonate with the vision of my leaders. Amen!